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You are Beautiful

Vanities Beauty Secrets!

Vanities Beauty Secrets!

The art of being beautiful. Part 1: Confidently Beautiful.

Welcome to Vanities beauty secrets! Once a month, we want to go over one of our patent pending (not really) steps to being beautiful! We hope our blog can help you discover some of your inner beauty secrets! Please feel free to share with us your personal story, and we might use it to inspire other beautiful women!

Being beautiful is hard to define. I think because of how so many people define “being beautiful.” The good old fashioned dictionary defines beautiful as “pleasing the senses or mind aesthetically,” making the adage “beauty is only skin deep” have some relevance. but when you look deeper into the origins and meaning behind the word, you find definitions like “of a very high standard; excellent” and “having beautypossessing qualities that give great pleasure orsatisfaction to see, hear, think about, etc.; delighting the senses or mind.” I guess there is a bit of interpretation to being beautiful. Let me help you define beauty for the modern woman. Having/obtaining/being beautiful is about how you feel and who you are as a person. Beauty always comes from inside, and your outside should display you inner gorgeous! Let me explain:

You should always strive to be a confident woman. This doesn’t mean never making mistakes! It means regardless of the circumstances your living through, you believe in the woman you are, and the personality that defines you. I meet so many women who are tired with the daily walks of life and forget to hold their heads high! Girl, you are a beautiful, confident lady that only answers to yourself! Stand up, take a deep breath, puff out your chest, and get back to walking down life’s paths.

Now, the above advice doesn’t seemingly connect to beauty. Or does it? Confident women scream beauty to me! Have you seen a lady walk down the street like she owns the place and NOT wished you were her? We all dream of being so brave! This is a form of being beautiful! In this column I want to focus what it takes to bring out your inner beauty, allowing your outer beauty to blossom! Are you ready for the trip? Its going to be a doozy! Hopefully we can discover some things about yourself together, and you can learn to stride with confidence and loveliness! Vanities beauty secrets may surprise you, but they will always help you. Never forget, even when life has you down:

You are Beautiful.

~The Vanities Team


Fabulous Color of the Month!

Welcome to the fabulous color of the month!

This gorgeous color is a multidimensional natural blond. We think its lovely! Don’t you?

Fabulous Color of the Week


Eyelash Extensions have arrived!

Eyelash Extensions have arrived!Eyelash Extensions have arrived!

Having personally tested our new eyelash extensions, I can safely say they are hot hot HOT!!! Your choice of either mink or synthetic, eyelash extensions are never gloppy (goodbye mascara, hello fabulous), long lasting, and gorgeous! With the proper maintenance, eyelash extensions last indefinitely. I an loving mine and your will be amazing too! Schedule your extension appointment today at vanities where:

You are Beautiful!


After Extensions Before Extensions

Fabulous Color of the Week!

From Blonde to bodacious! She came in with a blonde color and after a few hours (and some magic from The Chemist) we had this lovely shade of maroon!

Thoughts? 🙂

Vanities Beauty Blond Redo